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I met Jens (Vasu) as a Yoga instructor. The routine that he taught me has become the mainstay of my practice of yoga. Later I was fortunate to count on his amazing skill in therapeutic massage to alleviate severe lumbar pain episodes on several occasions. He is a truly gifted individual and a pleasure to interact with. Asheville is lucky that he has decided to make his home there!
Rudy Beeck, Founder & CEO, Xigo Health, LLC (www.xigohealth .com)

I can only find wonderful things to say about Jens Holstein. He was referred by a business/friend for therapeutic massage for my neck post surgery. I was immediately impressed at Jens ability to hone in on what areas needed the most attention and I ended up becoming a weekly client for over a year until his departure to Asheville. I subsequently tore my Achilles tendon and Jens helped me with his wonderful massages while I was recovering. He helped me with some personal challenges without question for which I remain grateful. During my healing process, we developed a meaningful friendship which is hard to come by. I attended a wonderful Yoga class that Jens ran, his seaside wedding, baby shower, and went sailing with Jens and handicapped children of the Shake A Leg Foundation in Miami. I wish Jens and his family joy, peace, happiness, health, and prosperity in their new Asheville home. Warmest Regards,

I have been practicing Yoga since 1981 and have had numerous teachers.
I have taken many classes in Sivananda Yoga and I must say that Vasu has been the best teacher I have ever had. He teaches from the heart and is totally dedicated to his profession. A real gem that I am honored to have discovered. His classes are a microcosm of perfection. IN LOVE AND HAPPY YOGIN
**********Kachito*****(Miami Beach, Florida)

My eternal gratitude to this Master, teacher, with magic, powerful, healing hands, surrounded by words of Truth, Love and Practical Spirituallity. Jens Holstein, treated me for almost three year, and I couldn't wait, for the following week or treatment, to receive the powerfull, strength, and purifying healing and relief !! I learned with him, about life, myself, and life, and will always be greatful for his work, energy, and clapping with his feet at my bday to sing me happy bday with all his joy and happiness. Jens, the best hands in the world, ...the strenght and pressure, of Love, liberation, and wisdom. In Miami, you have, your friend, your house, and my heart !! much love
Rai (Miami Beach, Florida)

I have been an athlete and involved in bodywork for more than 25 years, which led me in a good position to say something about my good friend and massage therapist Jens Holstein. My sport curriculum left me with severe physical problems (lower back herniated disc and muscle dystrophy). About 20 years of Tae Kwon Do, compeding as an olympic athlete representing Chile my country of birth, left me with severe pains and aches. After seeing a chiropractor and physical therapist for many years, I still had the same reoccurring problem with my back pain. While the chiropractor and physical therapist could help temporarily, the same problems of limited mobility and pain would come back. I was frustrated with my inability to exercise and to get back in shape after all I have done in my life.  All injuries and pains brought me down and prevented me of getting back to the level of exercise I was used to before. After much frustration, finally I met with Jens for a session, and thought that he is not a traditional therapist and uses an entirely different set of methods in terms of my treatment. Jens took one look at me and knew exactly what my problem was. Just after one treatment I was able to exercise and progress more each day. I continued to work with Jens, and my chiropractor and doing on my own myofascial release, static stretches and my personal therapy exercise treatments to remove all restrictions in my body. Through this treatment any scar tissue, muscle or movement restriction, as well as emotional release can be acomplished. I can't tell you how good I felt and how much lighter my body felt. Without Jens treatment, my recovery would have been much longer and I would not have the mobility I have today. I’m not 100%, but there is a big positive change in my life. I hope that my story helps spread the word to help more and more people. I can’t recommend Jens enough to all my friends and loved ones. He has helped some of my family members and friends as well. For this I will always be grateful to Jens for his care and professional knowledge.
Pedro Osses (South Miami, Florida) License Corrective Exercise Specialist License Personal Trainer License Massage Therapist My personal Blog

Dear Asheville, We have enjoyed our relationship with Jens Holstein since we moved to Miami in 2009. He is very knowledgable about the body, and has been very effective in working with injuries. He is very dedicated to his clients and always professional. He is also extremely pleasant to deal with, and very accommodating. He is equally effective at working with men and women, and is very flexible in terms of meeting the client's specific needs. We recommend him as a massage therapist without reservation. We will miss him.
Sue and Paul Kilrain'

Hi Jens, your massage therapy has done wonders for me. I am still very thankful for what you were able to do in just the three session we had time for. My shoulder feels so much better and hasn't bothered me since. Thanks again.
Andreas (Miami / Bolzano, Italy)

Vasu is a devoted healer and being that lives the true message of selfless service.
Madhavi (Miami)

I have a serial disorder that originates with 30-year-old rotator cuff surgery, leading to 3 herniated disks in my neck, informing an imbalance in my hips that culminates with tightness through my right leg. It causes pain down both arms that sometimes leads to numbness in addition to the pain and stiffness in my neck and back. Dividing my time equally between New York and Miami, it was difficult to find more than a ‘hotel grade’ massage in the Miami area until I was connected with Jens Holstein. The process, as he said, would be like the peeling away of the layers of an onion. Smoothing out the years of injury, tension, and stress was not going to happen overnight. Over a year-long set of weekly sessions when in Miami, in conjunction with therapy in New York, there grew new pliability and function to the muscle, renewed motion to the neck, and a vast reduction in numbness and pain. His use of electro-stimulation and knowledge of physiology allowed him to go directly into the injured areas with just the correct amount of pressure and manipulation for each session. Jens has a profound ability to read what your body is telling him. The dialogue is not just between his hands and your body but your mind as well. His understanding of where and how we ‘hold’ stress, anger, and emotional injury in our bodies is key to understanding their impact on physiological issues. Years of chronic pain was finally kept in check with therapy from Jens Holstein and can emphatically say I have a better life from knowing him as both a client and as a friend.
Russell Hassell New York/Miami

My wife and I have known Jens Holstein both personally and professionally for several years. Personally, we first met Jens at Shake A Leg Miami. This is an organization that makes sailing and other activities available to handicapped and disabled children. We were all volunteers there. Professionally he has been a a wonderful complement to our health care. We both tend to lean toward a more holistic approach to keeping ourselves healthy and Jens certainly subscribes to that theory. Last summer I suffered a severe sciatica nerve problem in my right leg. I tried several different treatments and home remedies, none of which worked. Finally I called Jens to see if he could help me. I will tell you that I started getting relief after the first treatment. My wife Kay has also been very impressed with the results she has received as a result of his therapeutic massages. We know Jens as a person with high moral character, integrity as well as being a spiritual person. We are going to miss Jens. Our loss is certainly Ashville’s gain. He and his family will be a wonderful attribute to the Ashville community.
Gus Gregory, Coral Gables, Florida

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